Basics of Life
a Seminar on Miracles
“Life-Changing Seminar Program on Personal Success and Achievement”
Course Duration
2 days week end course
Saturday : 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM Sunday : 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM
Why do you need to attend
  • Are you happy in life?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What is your passion?
  • What do you want in your life?
  • Are you successful in your career?
  • Are you successful in relationships?
  • Are you financially successful?
  • Are happy about your health?
We are in the time of more stressful life and Challenging environment . Challenges in every area of life , Challenges in work place, financial challenges , parenting challenges and relationship challenges . No matter how successful you are, still unhappy, there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be , If your career is going great or business is going great, don’t have time for Kids and spouse. If your relationship with Kids is great , don’t have good health or your relationship with Wife/Husband is not where you want to be.
Basics of life Seminar is a complete, simple, practical, easy-to-understand and to follow, step-by- step system for getting rich, being healthy, having better family relationships, uplifting your spirituality and becoming successful. One week end can change your life for ever.
Course Content
Day 1: Personal Transformation
Seminar enables shift or transformation, you to think and act outside existing views and limits, and redefine yourself and the reality you have known. Create greater personal happiness and success in life, Change Your Life for the better now.
Success Principles:
If you want to change/Succeed in your life, you need to change. Learn how to change in every areas of life: Personal Development, Skills, Finance, Health, Relationship and Spirituality. Become the person you truly desire to be by engaging in a life-long strategy of skills, knowledge and self-improvement.
The Law of Attraction is the most powerful law in the universe, Key to authentic success, create the life of your dreams. Learn how to apply Law of Attraction to your life in every area from health to wealth, to success and relationships.
Life Purpose:
Know your life purpose, Know the significance of life and meaning of life. Questions to think : What is most important to me in my life? What are my deepest values and beliefs?
Improve your ability to be a more effective and loving parent, spouse and friend by improving your relational skills. Learn how to Discover essential insights to improving communication and finding what you want in all your relationships. Learn specific techniques and tips for understanding, accepting and loving the difference between men and women. Learn how to: Increase intimacy and sustain lasting passion, Create mutually fulfilling romance, Enjoy a lifetime of great sex.
Master Emotions:
Happiness and quality of life depends on Mastering emotions. Learn how to master positive emotions like, Desire, Faith, Hope, Love, Sex.. and Learn how to master Negative emotions like, Fear, Jealousy, Anger, Revenge. Learn how to influence your mind with positive emotions.
Conquer Fear :
Learn how to Turn your fears and limitations into positive focused action, Discover how to break the unconscious fears that are holding you back.
Building the Courage to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone, courage will help you to achieve the great success that is possible for you
Let Go:
Your emotions and problems are what stands in the way of authentic experience, and your intellect can't help you change them. The good news is that you do have a choice, and freeing yourself from guilt, anxiety, and depression can be surprisingly simple. You'll be amazed at how easy it can be to trade accumulated emotional baggage for the happiness, peace and emotional freedom you deserve.
Day 2: Conquer the world – Born to win
God wants you to be successful and have abundance in every area of your life. You are born to win. Man’s right to life means his right to be rich.
Goals :
Goals are promise of the future. Learn how to Develop clear target of what you want in your life and why – in your career, your body, your finances and relationships. Powerfully experience where you are now in your life, envision exactly where you want to be and learn how to close the gap between the two. You will leave with a clear understanding of what is you truly want most in your life, make fundamental decisions, build a plan and create strategies for sustained momentum.
Integrity :
Keeping your words and actions, learn to mastering Integrity.
Luckiest Man :
Action + Work = Luckiest Man - Learn the Tools , Techniques, and strategies to discover your passion. What you enjoy doing, what is your niche, Achieve grate results and effectiveness.
Confidence & Self Esteem:
learn how to build more self confidence, you will: Have more meaningful love and relationships, Have a positive outlook, and better decision making skills, Stand out as a leader and make more money, Live a happier and more satisfying life.
Time Management:
learn how get more done in less time!, Organize your tasks and priorities, Develop efficient organization skills and increase productivity.
Wealth / Money :
Money is the medium by which earthly success is measured. Learn the simple laws of Money, the root cause of financial success, steps to attract wealth.
Business :
learn how to start, run, manage or turn around any business, How to create an effective business strategy, Identify and capitalize on business opportunities, Boost your profits using proven business tips and strategies. Multiply your efforts and have a positive influence over a larger sphere of people by learning effective leadership and management skills.
Health is the most important factor, we often neglect what we know is most important. If you’re going to take your life to the next level, it’s vital to make a commitment to living a more energized and healthy life. Learn how to dramatically increase your energy. Learn effective nutritional and psychological strategies to bolster your immune system.
Improve your looks, confidence, energy, quality and length of life by having a consistent health/fitness philosophy and maintaining a health plan. Increase Your Natural Resistance to Disease
Learning is the beginning of wealth. Learning is the beginning of health. Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Learning is where the miracle process all begins.
Expectation is the key to the relationship
Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.
Invest in yourself future is yours
Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day
Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.
You need to succeed for your future generations to succeed
Parkinson's Law: Expenses rise to meet income.
Forgive to forget